Administrative measures regarding a potential no-deal Brexit

COST is making all possible efforts to serve the interest of the COST Action participants, including those of the UK, to ensure continuity of COST Actions in case of a “no-deal Brexit”.

In order to anticipate consequences of a “no-deal Brexit” scenario, COST has taken measures to smooth the impact on UK-affiliated researchers.

Should a no-deal Brexit happen, expenses incurred by UK-affiliated researchers in the framework of COST activities may become ineligible. In anticipation, COST is taking additional measures to support the research community on specific items in particular:

– Final Action Dissemination (FAD)

– Local Organiser Support (LOS)

– Short-term Scientific Missions (STSM)

– Meetings and Training Schools

To ensure that no FAD nor LOS costs would have to be supported by the Grant Holders, COST will request the invoices dated after a no-deal Brexit to be sent directly by the service provider to COST. To this end, detailed instructions on the procedure to follow will be provided in due time to concerned institutions.

Knowing that STSMs, meetings and training schools are usually planned in advance, COST feels the urge to inform that expenses of the UK-affiliated participants, should a no-deal Brexit occur during the current grant period, may become ineligible.

UK-affiliated participants should not exclude that reimbursement could occur via other sources. For more information, please contact the UK COST National Coordinator here: