Science-informed policy advice

The need for science-informed policy advice at both national and international levels is undeniably of great importance. The substantial increase of the science base, and the pace of innovation is both an opportunity and a challenge for societies and governments. COST Actions are a pool of excellence that can be utilised for science-informed policy advice on relevant EU policy topics.  

Trainings for COST Actions

COST supports its Actions with the COST Academy trainings: ‘Science4Policy‘ for starting COST Actions and ‘Understanding EU decision-making processes – how to advocate your interest‘. The trainings support and connect researchers with the world of policy and aim to help COST Actions increase their policy impact.

The Science4Policy workshops are often organized in cooperation with the Joint Research Centre (JRC), and focus on familiarising COST Action participants with the JRC Competence frameworks for policymakers and researchers. Similarly, COST Action participants are invited to reflect on their work on policy with the ‘Science for Policy online reflection tool’, also developed by the JRC. Its purpose is to help policymakers and researchers working in science-for-policy reflect on their level of competence in various fields.

Actions to Actions

Cover of the publication Actions to Actions Policy Brief'

The COST policy brief ‘Actions to Actions’ is a practical guide for COST Actions on how to achieve policy impact.

It is based on the information, recommendations, tips, and good practices shared by (former) COST Action Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and participants from 10 highly successful COST Actions.

Science-informed policy advice in action

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COST has established partnerships with numerous initiatives including:

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