Open Call: A simple one-step application process

The Open Call 2024 is open. The next collection date will be 23 October 2024 at 12.00 (noon) CEST. The following collection date is expected in Autumn 2025.

Participants are invited to submit COST Action proposals contributing to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal knowledge advancement and development of Europe. Multi- and interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

The Open Call Action proposal submission, evaluation, selection and approval (SESA) procedure is fully science and technology-driven and will ensure a simple, transparent and competitive proposal evaluation and selection process, reflecting the bottom-up, open and inclusive principles of COST.

Participants planning to submit a proposal for a COST Action will need to refer to the SESA guidelines and to the Open Call Announcement available on the Documents and Guidelines page.

All proposals are submitted via the dedicated online platform of the COST Association used for grant management, known as e-COST.

For general questions related to the Open Call please contact your COST National Coordinator who will be able to assist. More technical questions can be addressed to

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