COST Connect

COST Connect is a series of thematic workshops organised by the COST Association, which provide an open space for researchers, policy makers, and research and innovation (R&I) stakeholders to network and grow their ideas. It brings together a broad set of actors from the European Research Area (ERA) and beyond with the aim to stimulate and strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships.

COST Action participants benefit from communication with policymakers and the opportunity to learn about the latest policy developments in the European R&I landscape. They also build connections with other COST Actions working on similar research fields and companies to identify common ground for future joint activities.

The COST Connect format is enabling the exchange of best practices and experiences between researchers and innovators in the field and between different regions in the EU.”

Irina Kalderon, European Commission

Through this initiative, COST is also increasing the awareness of other European funding and cooperation opportunities.

A thematic approach in an interactive format

The topics of the workshops are defined around specific criteria, taking into account stakeholder input and highlighted needs, the current EU policy agenda, major societal challenges and research fields where a critical mass of COST Actions is involved.

The interactive format of these events encourages dialogue and active engagement and the creation of synergies among participants. This event concept contributes actively to reduce fragmentation and to make research more efficient by avoiding duplication of activities.

Stakeholders are invited to help define and plan COST Connect events.

“Complementary approach is key among researchers, that is why the COST Connect format is a good opportunity to lift the challenges and create new synergies”

Stephan Bronzwaer, European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA)

COST Connect events:

Upcoming events:

COST Connect on Research Evaluation: 11 September 2024

COST Connect on Advancing research to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 9-10 October 2024

COST Connect on Agriculture and its products: 17-18 October 2024

Past events:

13-14 May 2024: Biobased resources, materials and solutions hosted together with the EU’s Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking (Brussels, Belgium)

17-18 April 2024: Innovations in water management, ecosystems and blue economy: from scarcity to resilience and growth (Brussels, Belgium)

8-9 February 2024: Forests protection and sustainability: leveraging research and networking for a sustainable future (Brussels, Belgium)

24-25 October 2023: Advancing mental health research through networking and collaboration in Europe (Brussels, Belgium)

20-21 September 2023: Connecting the energy research landscape – leveraging networks for future solutions (Brussels, Belgium)

29-30 June 2023: Coordinating cancer research in Europe: collaborating for progress (Brussels, Belgium)

27-28 April 2023: Data sharing in European Research Networks (Brussels, Belgium)

20-21 April 2023: Ageing in Europe: challenges and opportunities (Brussels, Belgium)

20-21 October 2022: Food and Agriculture (Madrid, Spain)

14-15 June 2022: Antimicrobial resistance (Brussels, Belgium)

9-10 June 2022: Creative Industries: The New European Bauhaus Initiative (Brussels, Belgium)

17 June 2021: Academia-Industry collaboration (online)

29 April 2021: First ever COST Connect on advancing gender equality in research and innovation discusses how to accelerate progress (online)

31 March 2021, Connecting continents – COST Connect on Europe-Africa cooperation (online)

28 January 2021: Beating Cancer by 2030: mission impossible? (online)

09 December 2020: Climate neutral and Smart Cities (online) 

02 July 2020: COST Connect session on the Green Deal (online) 

28-29 November 2019: Action for Standards (Brussels, Belgium). Related articles:

13 June 2019: The Blue Planet – What future for European Ocean Research? (Brussels, Belgium)

5-6 June 2019 – Innovative education and learning practices  (Brussels, Belgium)

21-22 May 2019 – Beating Cancer in 2030: mission impossible? (Brussels, Belgium)

13-14 March 2019 – Sharing is daring? (Brussels, Belgium)

19-20 November 2018 – The future of European brain research (Brussels, Belgium)

10 October 2018 – Sustainable Energy in the Danube Region (Belgrade, Serbia)

05 June 2018 – Climate change and forest systems (Sofia, Bulgaria)

08 March 2018 – Quantum: Where will the next jump go? (Warsaw, Poland)

25-26 April 2018 – How to Shape a Sustainable Urban Mobility for all? (Bucharest, Romania)

24 November 2017 – The relevance of impact in R&I policy – What role for networks? (Brussels, Belgium)

25 October 2017 – Cultural heritage in the digital era (Brussels, Belgium)

12-13 September 2017 – An interdisciplinary forum on next generation internet (Brussels, Belgium)

28 June 2017 – Water for food and agriculture in the Mediterranean area (Brussels, Belgium)

COST Connect - Europe brain research

COST Connect - Europe brain research