COST Innovators Grant

What is a COST Innovators Grant? 

The COST Innovators Grant (CIG) is an initiative that aims to build bridges between research and take-up at market, product, service, or societal level. CIGs aim to enhance the pace and success of research breakthroughs and as such, offers ending Actions the possibility to create additional impact during the year after the end of the Action.

COST Innovators Grants have a duration of 12 months and benefit from the same networking activities available to COST Actions. 

The Innovators Grant was launched in November 2019 as a pilot scheme. The scheme was envisaged as part of the COST Strategic Plan and was designed to complement existing Horizon 2020 initiatives. CIGs are now a fully established feature for COST under Horizon Europe.

Illustration of three researchers writing, looking into a microscope, and thinking.

The COST Innovators Grant aims to enhance the pace and success of research breakthroughs

Eligible Actions are invited to apply by the COST Association

Funding for the COST Innovators Grant is awarded for one year

Eligibility and application process

COST Actions are eligible to apply upon invitation by the COST Association towards the end of their lifetime. The rules for applying are described and accessible in the CIG Guidelines.

The evaluation of CIG applications takes place once a year in two phases: the first one remotely, followed by virtual or face-to-face hearings for the top ranked applications. Successful CIG applications are announced following final approval by the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO).

All relevant documents can be found on the Documents and Guidelines page of the COST website, under the COST Innovators Grant section.  

COST Innovators Grant approvals

2020 -2021

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