COST Academy

Developing skills and knowledge

The COST Academy is a training initiative developed to support the COST Actions in managing their Action network. It offers trainings, workshops, and webinars on topics highly relevant for the performance of the Action networks.

The initiative follows the COST excellence and inclusiveness policy, which aims to boost underrepresented researchers such as, young researchers, and researchers from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs).

COST Academy face-to-face trainings take place at the COST Association in Brussels, while the webinars and online trainings can be accessed anywhere.

More information on trainings and a calendar of events can be found below. For further enquiries please contact

The COST Academy:

Develops Action participants’ knowledge and transferrable skills in e.g., leadership, administration, and communication.

Participants are invited to trainings based on their role within the Action.

Courses are led by experts and combine theory with practical exercises.

“COST Academy has consistently supported my Science Communication Coordinator role through training and hands-on experiences. Not only it has enhanced my leadership skills and built my confidence, but it has also offered an excellent opportunity to network with other Science Communication Coordinators.”

Dr Evis Trandafili, Science Communication Coordinator for COST Action MultiplEYE

Upcoming events

Snapshots from previous events

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