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This section hosts a selection of videos and podcasts relating to COST Actions and other COST activities.

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Bridging the Gap between Science and Art

A transdiciplinary event held in Sirolo, Italy, highlighting the creative and emotional processes behind any outstanding scientific discovery.

2014 | Action Number: TD1104

Electroporation-based Technologies and Treatments

Ever heard of electroporation? Do you know its implications in health, food and the environment? Researchers involved in COST Action TD1104 - European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments (EP4Bio2Med) - explain.

2014 | Action Number: TD1201

Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH)

True, precise and complete documentation of artefacts is essential for the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage (CH). By ensuring access to the best possible documentation of artefacts, COST Action TD1201 COSCH contributes to the enhanced understanding of material CH and help its long-term preservation.


COST Actions: A Great Opportunity as Incubators for Molecular Science and Technology

The event hosted entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers whose individual presentations and interventions during a roundtable debate focused on the main challenges behind technology transfer in today's European Research Area. Several spin-offs resulting from COST CMST Actions were also showcased, as participants also reflected on the real benefits SMEs have by joining COST Actions activities.

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