COREnet PhD Summer School 2023

2023 | Action CA20107

The COREnet PhD Summer School took place at the University of Vienna on July 12-16. Early-career researchers of the Action discussed religious and non-religious narratives on migration.

An introduction to Blastocystis

2023 | Action CA21105

Blastocystis is found in the gut of at least a billion people, not to mention so many more animals. Does it contribute to good health? Could it be a key to understanding our gut microbiome? Or does it cause disease? Is it a parasite that should be routinely treated with antibiotics? Despite it being extremely common, no one knows if it is a friend or if it is a foe.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of bio-electrochemical systems (BESs) with PHOENIX

2023 | Action CA19123

PHOENIX aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of bio-electrochemical systems (BESs), which are low environmental impact systems that exploit the biological activity of living organisms for remediation, recycling of useful elements, synthesis of new products and production of electricity.

COST Action ODIN Training School III in Rouen, April 2023

2023 | Action CA18203

This Training School aimed to utilise the knowledge produced by other partners to develop standards/guidelines to optimise aerospace structures for structural health monitoring systems. Read more about Action CA18203 – COST

Amanda’s experience with medication adherence

2023 | Action CA19132

ENABLE explain why taking your medication following your agreed prescription is really important for those with chronic illness and raise awareness of adherence enhancing technological solutions.


2023 | Action CA20120

What is INTERACT all about? Meet the people begind the network and learn of opportunities available for those interested in making radio communication networks intelligent.

Introducing a new hydropower network: PEN@Hydropower

2023 | Action CA21104

PEN@Hydropower members provide great insight into their network of hydropower experts contributing sustainable hydropower in Europe.

Metals, Plants and People

2022 | Action CA19116

Did you know that metal in our diet is required for us to stay alive? PLANTMETALS dive into the role of plant metals and explain why they are both, required and toxic for plants and humans alike.

Tips for submitting a winning COST Action proposal


Are you ready to submit a winning COST Action proposal and turn your innovative ideas into reality? Discover the secrets to success in this video! Learn how to form a winning team, emphasise relevance and timeliness, and showcase your expertise. Find out how networking in Europe and beyond will maximise your impact on science and society. Get ready to deliver tangible results throughout the 4-year COST Action journey.