Where the wild things go

2023 | Action CA18102

What’s the European Tracking Network all about? Who are we? What do we do? And more importantly, why does our work matter? We track the underwater world using telemetry, in an effort to better understand, protect and management aquatic life. Find out a little bit about what we do here…

EndlessMetal - the project

2023 | Action IG16215

This video presents the ENDLESS Metal COST Innovators Grant. The project aims to provide cultural heritage professionals with low-cost & easy-to-use analytical tools to support metal heritage conservation. These tools will greatly assist the in-house diagnosis and investigation of corrosion, essential for establishing appropriate conservation strategies.

The Grapevine Genomics Encyclopedia (GRAPEDIA)

2023 | Action IG17111

GRAPEDIA is an innovative portal that will integrate knowledge, resources and services for the grape scientific community and industry. Currently funded by a COST Innovators Grant, the GRAPEDIA Initiative stems from the COST Action INTEGRAPE.

Roma girls support during COVID

2023 | Action CA18123

The European Family Support Network. A bottom-up, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach (EurofamNet) have produced a video to promote the RoMOMatterR project, a transnational European initiative that aims to tackle gender discrimination by empowering Romani girls in Bulgaria, Romania and Spain. In this video, Romani teenage girls from Córdoba (Spain) advocate for their dreams and for the resources they need to achieve them, while they send their recommendations to their communities, policymakers and other key stakeholders. Local activists, families, members from grassroots organizations, policymakers and researchers explain the process and send their messages of support to Romani teenage girls to envision their own futures and equipping them with psychological, psychosocial and community strengths.

EurofamNet: Who we are

2023 | Action CA18123

EurofamNet is a pan-European family support network focused on family support policies and practices, reflecting common goals across participating countries, while recognizing the specific nature of families’ cultural and socio-economic contexts within them. The Action aims to inform family policies and practices towards the ultimate goal of ensuring children’s rights and families’ well-being. EurofamNet will do so by building collaborations between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, children and families, public and private agencies, and general society.

What is OpenSense and how it helps weather monitoring

2023 | Action CA20136

OpenSense (Opportunistic Precipitation Sensing Network) brings together scientists investigating different opportunistic sensors, experts from national weather services, owners of sensor networks, and end-users of rainfall products to build a worldwide reference opportunistic sensing community.

Genetic Biodiversity and G-BiKE COST Action

2022 | Action CA18134

Get to know the G-BiKE, COST Action (CA18134) that unites European scientists and practitioners in environmental conservation. Our resident scientist, Dr Ciconia nigra, and practitioner, Mr. Fagus will tell you how knowledge about genetic biodiversity, both within and between species, can be employed to protect nature and ensure the resilience of ecosystems.

Monitoring the genetic status of populations

2022 | Action CA18134

Dr Ciconia Nigra and Mr. Fagus are back on behalf of G-BiKE COST Action to explain how DNA analysis is used in monitoring of the genetic diversity, from the sample collection to data analysis. Learn what indicators can we use to monitor and conserve as much genetic diversity as possible.

Introducing COST Action Plagri

2022 | Action CA19110

What is COST Plagri? Who is it for? What can you learn? Discover all the info you need in this short video presentation.