Connecting theory and practical issues of migration and religious diversity

2022 | Action CA20107

The main aim of COST Action COREnet is to fill the gaps and research needs in the field of religion and migration and to communicate new results and knowledge directly to public debate and the various fields of practice. COREnet is focused on creating a European platform for the critical exchange of research into migration and religious diversity between academia and practice all over Europe.

Super Heart Adventure

2022 | Action CA18216

An animation by COST Action VascAgeNet to educate children on how to keep your heart and arteries healthy.

Introducing ParAqua

2022 | Action CA20125

COST Action ParAqua, which stands for ‘Applications for zoosporic parasites in aquatic ecosystems’, will focus on the aspects related to principles for improvement of algal production efficiency, as for example strategies on ways of mitigating zoosporic parasites infection or how to deal with parasites in the use of industrial cultivation.

The Grapevine Genomics Encyclopedia (GRAPEDIA)

2022 | Action IG17111

GRAPEDIA is an innovative portal that will integrate knowledge, resources and services for the grape scientific community and industry. GRAPEDIA is a COST Innovators Grant initative stemming from the COST Action INTEGRAPE.

For parasites-free farm animals, with COST Action COMBAR


The COST Action ‘Combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants’ (COMBAR) has advanced research on the prevention of anthelmintic resistance in helminth parasites of ruminants in Europe, by disseminating current knowledge among all relevant stakeholders and gathering parasitologists, social scientists and agricultural economists. In this video, the Chair, Dr Johannes Charlier describes the main outcomes of the network’s four-year activities.

Why join a COST Action


Are you a researcher or an innovator working in the public/private sector, academia, an NGO, or a political institution? Discover why you should consider joining a COST Action, what advantages it offers you, and our eligibility criteria?

Bob - The Marine Bacterium and its use in biotechnology

2022 | Action CA18238

Meet BOB, the marine bacterium! Marine bacteria can be found in every corner of the ocean, either free-floating or attached to surfaces (such as of objects or animals) and in sediments. Some have adapted their metabolism to survive and thrive in extreme conditions (extreme temperatures, pressure, pH, salinity and combinations of these). These adaptations can provide us with unique properties, such as anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antifouling and others. The properties are used in various industries.

However, BOB and similar bacteria are often not easy to catch or grow in laboratory conditions. Hence, biotechnology demands collaboration between many experts, from biotechnologists, microbiologists, chemists, business, legal experts and more!

Pulsars: A tale of cosmic clocks

2022 | Action CA16241

COST Action PHAROS, was awarded 1st prize for its scientific short film ‘Pulsars: A tale of cosmic clocks’ by Ciencia en Acción. Combining live action and animation, the film aims to share scientific knowledge about the universe with a younger audiences. It tells an engaging story about the space travel of a teenage girl with a mysterious lady. The film also addresses the issue of women in science and the role they play in STEM today.

Testimonials from COST Action Chairs - Prof Anu Toots and Prof Mart Susi

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Estonian participation in COST the Estonian Research Council interviewed two Estonian COST Action Chairs – Prof Anu Toots and Prof Mart Susi – who share their experiences.