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From September to November each year, the first Management Committee meeting is held for up to 70 new COST Actions. This marks the official kick-off of a COST research network and it’s the grand in-person launch of a four-year collaboration between researchers and innovators.

The COST premises become the epicenter where scientists, experts, young researchers, innovators, SMEs, and members of specific organisations, to name but a few, meet for the first time in Brussels. The first Management Committee meetings bring together 3000 participants from Europe and beyond. These meetings created 30,000 links allowing young researchers to engage with more experienced ones.

“The first Management Committee meeting was a landmark and a crucial starting point for developing common strategies and cross-fertilization of ideas. It was very stimulating to meet researchers from all over Europe and discuss key topics with a horizontal approach.”

Prof. Giovanni Tallarico, Chair of the new COST Action ENEOLI – European Network On Lexical Innovation

During this meeting, the Action establishes the architecture of the research network and defines its structure and objectives by electing leadership positions such as its Chair, Vice Chair, Grant Holder Coordinator, Science Communication Coordinator, and Working Group Leaders who form the core group of the network.

“The first Management Committee meeting of EU4MOFs in Brussels created the ideal atmosphere to establish new connections between enthusiastic scientists in the field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) across Europe. We aim to develop an effective strategy on how to share individual knowledge, blend interdisciplinary expertise, and learn from each other. MC discussions were focused on how to maximize joint efforts to translate properly lab-designed MOF materials into real-world usable materials in three high-need areas of application: water purification, energy storage, and (nano)medicine.”

Prof. Stefan Wuttke, Chair of the new COST Action EU4MOFs – European metal-organic framework network: combining research and development to promote technological solutions

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This backstage initiative aims to show the human side of collaborative efforts, particularly when individuals from various backgrounds come together to work on a shared vision that defines the early stages of such collaborative initiatives.

It is testament to the idea that science knows no borders and that can lead to groundbreaking discoveries. In today’s complex world with global challenges, scientists need to build a collective approach. COST Actions are the perfect frame and format to investigate global issues that affect us all.

Facts and figures of the 2023 Open Call

  • 90% of the COST Actions are interdisciplinary research networks
  • 49% of the proposals have two or more main fields of science
  • 46% of the main proposers are women
  • 77% of the new networks have attracted participants from all over the world
  • 19% of the main proposers are young researchers

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