70 new COST Actions now online: apply to join


The 70 newly approved CA22 COST Actions are now available on the COST website by browsing our dedicated COST Action section. All new Actions begin with CA22 so it’s easy to identify them.

Apply to join today!

COST Actions are different to many other EU funded projects because it is possible to join and participate in a research network once it has started, even if you were not involved at the proposal phase. This same logic applies throughout the entire lifespan of a COST Action. This is the openness of COST.

These new research networks cover topics as far and wide as image-based AI for insect monitoring, recovery of mining districts, sustainable aquaculture of eels, and maternal perinatal stress. Have you seen a new network that is of interest? Apply to join one of its Working Groups or even become a Management Committee (MC) member.

How to join a new CA22 COST Action?

Visit the dedicated Action page on the COST website.

In the ‘Action Details‘ section read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to fully understand the aims of the new Action.

Identify the Working Group(s) you would like to be part of, as detailed in the MoU – Working Groups perform the tasks required by the Action to fulfill its objectives.

You may also want to contact the Main Proposer to discuss how you can contribute.

To apply to join click on ‘Apply to join your Working Groups of interest‘.

You will be redirected to e-COST, the online platform of COST Association. Login or register for an account if you don’t have one and submit the simple form.

Your application will be reviewed by the Action’s Management Committee once the Action starts.

If you want to get more deeply involved and are interested in joining the Management Committee (MC) of a new Action please contact your COST National Contact Point (CNC).

The MC is responsible for the coordination, implementation and management of an Action. For each Action, up to two representatives per COST Member Country can be nominated to the MC.