Skin cancer detection using laser imaging - Prof Milica Pavkov Hrvojevic, Novi Sad, Serbia


Prof Milica Pavkov Hrvojevic, from the Faculty of Sciences of Novi Sad in Serbia, talks about how COST Actions help to create a network between different research fields and institutions.

Ice-cold without the Sun

2015 | Action ES1005

What would happen is the Sun were to fade away? Two scientists (Eija Tanskanen, from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, in Helsinki, Finland, and Yoav Yair, from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel) discuss this topic. This movie was produced by COST action TOSCA (Towards a more complete assessment of the impact of solar variability on climate), a multidisciplinary European network of scientists from 20 countries whose objective is to provide a better understanding of the hotly debated role of the Sun in climate change. For more information, and more movies, see

COST Foresight 2030 - Albino Maggio


Food Security

COST Science Night 2013 Highlights


COST Science Night 2013 provided European policymakers and representatives of the EU institutions, the scientific community and the press the opportunity to meet researchers leading selected COST science and technology research networks called Actions. The Actions showcased their cutting-edge work in a number of scientific fields and explained how such pan-European science and technology networks supported by COST contribute to addressing key global scientific and societal challenges.

Quantitative Wood Anatomy: From Sample to Data for Environmental Research

2015 | Action FP1106

Quantitative wood anatomy investigates relationships between plant growth, functioning and environment, and typically also how these relationships change over time. It is a challenging multi-step approach, in which deficiencies in one step propagate to the following steps with negative consequences for data quality. This film gives and overview of how to quantify anatomical features in digital images, presents guidelines and pitfalls, and introduces different anatomical metrics used for environmental research.

This is the third COST-STReESS instruction film, launched by the Dendroclimatology group, Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL (Switzerland) in cooperation with the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (TESAF), University of Padova (Italy), the Department of Wood Science and Technology, University of Ljubliana (Slovenia), and the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group, Wageningen University (Netherlands).

The script for this film was written by Georg von Arx (Dendroclimatology group, Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL).

The film is produced by Hans Reijnen of R Media in association with the COST Action STReESS

Electroporation - Damijan Miklavcic - TEDxLjubljana

2015 | Action TD1104

Prof Damijan Miklavcic’s talk at TEDx in Ljubljana, an independently organised TED event.

Fusion Energy: COST Action MP1208


A research consortium spanning 20 European countries is giving a boost to fusion research in Europe. Learn more about the work of COST Action MP1208 towards unlimited, clean and affordable energy.

The role of Forests in a Green Economy


Dr Sjur Baardsen, Chair of the FPS Domain, shares his views on Forests in a Green Economy when interviewed by the GreenUp programme.

The GreenUp programme, powered by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), prepares for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (aka Rio+20) in June 2012 by collecting a critical mass of evidence showing that the green economy is a real possibility for intertwining the world’s economies with our environmental and societal aspirations. The first action relates to Forests!

Visit for more information.

Interviews with quantum physicists

2012 | Action MP1006

COST Action MP1006 – the world’s first network focussed on the foundations of quantum mechanics – asked 13 major scientists in the field to explain quantum theory!

We embedded the introduction video below. Please click the link above to watch the other videos on the YouTube playlist as well.