Prof. Dr Rainer Waser awarded the 2014 Leibniz prize


Prof. Dr Rainer Waser was a Management Committee Member of MPNS Actions on advanced electroceramics and on the chemical solution deposition of thin films. His research interests spread across natural sciences and engineering, ranging from pure solid-state chemistry and defect chemistry to electronic properties and modeling, the technology of new materials and the physical properties of construction components. One specific area of his research is the use of resistive switches as memories in information technology. In 2006, he discovered the basic mechanism controlling the switching characteristic. This set the ground for miniature memory components and generally holds considerable energy efficiency potential, since resistive memories take up to three times less energy than conventional ones.

The eleven awardees were selected from 129 nominees and represent the following fields: engineering sciences (4), humanities and social sciences (3), life sciences (3) and natural sciences (1).

The award ceremony for the prize will be held on 12 March 2014 in Berlin.

Awarded yearly since 1985, The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize is Germany’s highest academic honour, acknowledging outstanding scientists working in Germany.