CA19118 - High-performance Carbon-based composites with Smart properties for Advanced Sensing Applications

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The goal of EsSENce is to develop an innovation scientific hub at European and International level, focusing on advanced composite materials reinforced with Carbon based (nano)materials (CNMs). The sharing of ideas and results will boost the development of high-performance composites with sensing properties. Special focus will be given in the utilisation of these materials for the introduction of smart properties to the final composites and their application in the field of sensors development. The aim of EsSENce hub, defined as a collaborative community, is to gather together scientific partners, research groups, technology providers and industrial key players aiming to enhance creativity and collaboration among them, by positioning the entrepreneurial individuals at the centre. Indeed, by building a community with diversity both in the broad sense (gender, ethnicity) and with regards to heterogeneous knowledge, the emergence of novel ideas and practices is fostered thus leading to unique and viable innovations. EsSENce activities will focus on the promotion of the successful results from the involved partners and the utilization of the synergistic effect to improve exploitation and dissemination of knowledge. Dissemination and management actions will be organised to attract the interest of research and industry for higher awareness. The intention is to enable as many groups as possible to participate in a highly integrated innovation environment, which will develop Workgroups, will organize Workshops and Conferences, as well as Training Schools and Seminars. EsSENce will promote mobility among researchers, junior scientists and students working on these fields, while promoting contacts with related industries. 


Action Details

  •   MoU - 021/20
  •   CSO Approval date - 24/03/2020
  •   Start of Action - 21/10/2020
  •   End of Action - 20/10/2024


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Management Committee

Main Contacts

Prof Costas Charitidis
Science officer
+32 (0) 2 533 38 22
Ms Aranzazu SANCHEZ
Administrative officer