CA19131 - Europe Through Textiles: Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities

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EuroWeb fosters a pan-European network of scholars and stakeholders from academia, museums, conservation, cultural and creative industries. Scholars from several disciplines of the Humanities (philology, art history, archaeology, history), Social Sciences (social anthropology, ethnology, economics, law) and Natural Sciences (geochemistry, conservation, chemistry, biology) join forces to bridge current cultural, political and geographical gaps and facilitate interdisciplinary research leading to inspirational material for experts in the allied and applied disciplines of fashion, art and design.

The scholarly vision is to re-write European history based on its massive production, trade, consumption and reuse of textiles and dress. The goal is to identify expertise across time in sustainable textile practices. For this purpose, ITCs are crucial for their experience in ancient techniques and cultural heritage in textile craft. EuroWeb offers multiple theoretical and practical training schools, mentors, targeted career development masterclasses for the ECIs, with the aim to increase EU funding for ITC scholars and ECIs. Each year, EuroWeb aims to host large international textile and dress conferences in the ITCs, to highlight their collections, capacities and scholarship. EuroWeb enables collaborations between researchers, engineers, scholars and other stakeholders and business by providing a platform for them to collaborate, co-create projects and training schools, and foster trust and shared ideas. Deliverables include collaborative publications, research workshops, theoretical reflection and advancement, digital infrastructure, EuroWeb digital Atlas, films and podcasts, and intense mentoring, training and career development for ECIs.


Action Details

  •   MoU - 034/20
  •   CSO Approval date - 24/03/2020
  •   Start of Action - 13/10/2020
  •   End of Action - 12/10/2024


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Prof marie louise bech nosch
Dr Rossella MAGLI
Science officer
Administrative officer