Connecting for smarter cities and a climate-neutral future


Reaching climate neutrality has been identified as key to mitigate the potentially cataclysmic effects of climate change on the planet and human existence. The European Union aims to achieve a net-zero balance by the year 2050, through reducing green-house gasses and compensating for any remaining emissions. As part of this ambitious goal the European Green Deal has been launched with €1 trillion of investment allocated over the next ten years.

The EU have committed to shifting towards a greener economy as a major element of the transition to a net-zero emissions society, noting that it will require the pursuit of economic growth in ways which create better jobs and enhance wellbeing. As part of this commitment the European Green Deal will include measures such as investing in environmentally friendly technologies, aiding the development of cleaner forms of transport and ensuring building become more energy efficient.

Climate-neutral and smart cities

On 09 December 2020, the COST Connect event on climate-neutral and smart cities will address key issues related to these goals. Stakeholders such as researchers, policy makers and business actors, including from COST Actions and the European Commission will come together in an online format to jointly focus on sharing and co-creating knowledge in an interdisciplinary approach that will have the possibility to contribute to a European wide solution. Participants will identify and debate the existing and upcoming challenges, as well as identify key enablers and feasible pathways available for success. As part of the event they will also raise key areas of intervention to be addressed within Horizon Europe, which has already outlined the topic as one of the Missions of the framework programme.

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COST Connect

COST Connect are a series of thematic workshops organised by the COST Association, which provide an open space for researchers, policy makers and research and innovation (R&I) stakeholders to network and grow their ideas. It brings together a broad set of actors from the European Research Area (ERA) and beyond with the aim to stimulate and strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships


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