Science communication managers

The Science communication trainings are practical trainings targeted at the science communication managers of the COST Actions, who are responsible for dissemination and promotion of their Action network. Within the science communication trainings COST Academy offers trainings on the following topics.

  • Using social media to communicate your research
    The training focuses on the importance of social media in science communication, how the Action science communication managers can best communicate their network research using social media. The participants will also get an overview of social media platforms and ways in which they can use the tools to communicate their Action.
  • Working with the media. Mastering media interviews
    The participants will learn the basics of public engagement, identify their key audiences and messages and how to deliver them effectively to the media. The training also includes fundamentals and tips on ways to reach and engage with the EU and national media to promote their research and results and how to prepare for a media interview.
  • Storytelling: spotting and writing a good story. Getting people to listenThe training on storytelling focuses on building a story for communicating the key messages of the COST Action research. It focuses on how to write a story in a way that the journalists are interested in it and the specific challenges of science communication based on examples across different media.
  • Shooting and editing a video for your Action
    The training focuses on how to shoot a video with the participants’ mobile phones to promote the COST Actions and disseminate the research results. It will cover the different shooting techniques (for e.g. conferences and interviews) and give advice on how to shoot videos for the Action social media and website.