Grant holders

Grant holder workshops guide the new COST Action grant holders on the practicalities of administrative management, COST financial rules, and COST financial management tools. The workshops offer hands-on training for the COST Action grant holders. COST will invite the newly appointed grant holders to participate in the workshops after the first Management Committee meeting.

Grant holder seminars gather COST Action grant holders together to learn from each other and to share their experiences and best practices, feedback and questions on managing the administrative side of the COST grants. COST will invite running Actions’ Grant holders to the seminar based on selection performed by the administration. If you are interested in participating, please contact

Grant holder mentoring offers individual support to COST Action grant holders in the form of short-term missions to visit the more experienced Action grant holders. This enables them to be more independent, autonomous and gain additional experience in the management and coordination of their Action grant. COST opens a call twice a year for the grant holders to participate in the mentoring.