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ESOF 2016 - Euroscience Open Forum

Location Manchester, UK
Date 24 - 27 July 2016
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COST was proud to be a Supporting Partner at ESOF 2016, a biennial, inter-disciplinary, pan-European meeting which brought together 4.500 scientists, innovators, policy makers and government officials, business leaders, the media and educators from more than 90 countries, to discuss current and future breakthroughs in contemporary science.

For the duration of ESOF 2016, COST hosted an Information booth in the Exhibition Area.

In this booth, attendees and participants had the opportunity to meet and experience a showcase by two COST Actions, and learn first-hand from their experience in joining or setting up a European research network.

Present were:

On Wednesday 27 July, from 10:30 to 11:00 , COST also hosted a Speaker's slot at Science Central , during which Dr Barbara Häsler , Chair of COST Action TD1404 , talked about Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH): Working together to promote better health for humans, animals and the environment .

In addition to the COST hosted events listed above, on Tuesday 26 July, from 08:30 to 09:45 , SciGeneration , one of our policy-driven networks, held a session on the challenges that young researchers are facing nowadays and ways they can better collaborate via joint initiatives.

This year's ESOF conference will:

All information on ESOF 2016, can be found here .