COST Mission

COST's Mission Statement as approved in May 2011 and the strategic goals as listed in the COST Strategy approved in June 2011.

COST Mission Statement

COST enables breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products and thereby contributes to strengthen Europe’s research and innovation capacities.

COST key features are:

  • Building capacity by connecting high-quality scientific communities throughout Europe and worldwide;
  • Providing networking opportunities for early career investigators;
  • Increasing the impact of research on policy makers, regulatory bodies and national decision makers as well as the private sector.

Through its inclusiveness COST supports integration of research communities, leverages national research investments and addresses issues of global relevance.

COST is a building block of the European Research Area, instrumental for successful innovation strategies and global cooperation.

COST's Goals

The CSO adopted a COST Strategy to achieve Vision 2020 by written procedure on 28 June 2011.

The full strategy is available for download and concentrates on four strategic goals for COST:

  1. Best performance in its implementation;
  2. Orienting COST Actions on output;
  3. Improving cooperation within COST countries and beyond; 
  4. Ensuring good governance.


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