Tourism in a Green Economy


Dr Sjur Baardsen, Chair of the FPS Domain, shares his views on Tourism in a Green Economy when interviewed by the GreenUp programme.

The GreenUp programme, powered by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), prepares for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (aka Rio+20) in June 2012 by collecting a critical mass of evidence showing that the green economy is a real possibility for intertwining the world’s economies with our environmental and societal aspirations. The first action relates to Forests!

Visit for more information.

The Future of Graphene?

2012 | Action MP0901

Will graphene live up to its promise? Is graphene the new silicon?
The latest video from this COST Action NanoTP designed to bring together theorists and experimentalists in the field of nanotechnology. This video shows scientists working in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology discussing the future for the new monolayer material, graphene, at a meeting held in Trieste in 2011.

COST at ESOF 2012 - Day 3 Highlights


On 13 July 2012 COST organised a session within ESOF 2012, ‘S & T = Key 2 Knowledge’. This event aimed to explain the benefits of science and technology networking for European scientists.

Find more videos and interviews collected at ESOF on COST’s YouTube channel!

Personalised Medicine: Better Healthcare for the Future - COST Conference Highlight Video


The conference ‘Personalised Medicine: Better Healthcare for the Future’ event was held in Cyprus from 17 to 22 June 2012. COST brought together researchers, scientists, policy-makers, patients’ associations and stakeholders to widen conceptions of personalised medicine and provide education about new developments in the field.

Watch this highlight video to catch a glimpse of the topics addressed! Or visit the COST YouTube Channel to view more videos.

ESOF 2014: COST at a turning point


The President of the COST Association, Dr Ángeles Rodríguez-Peña, and the Director of the COST Association, Monica Dietl,talk about the new COST – a more efficient framework featuring a reviewed scientific organisation and new Open Call procedures meant to better meet European researchers’ interest.

Skin cancer detection using laser imaging - Olivier Paillet, ESEO, France


Olivier Paillet, General Manager at ESEO (Grande École d’ingénieurs généralistes) in France, talks about the importance for institutions like ESEO to participate in COST Actions in order to gain visibility worldwide.

Sunspots and climate

2015 | Action ES1005

Is there a connection between the number of sunspots, and the Earth’s climate? Two scientists (Laure Lefèvre, from the Royal Observatory of Belgium, and Jean Lilensten from CNRS in Grenoble, France) discuss this topic. This movie was produced by COST action TOSCA (Towards a more complete assessment of the impact of solar variability on climate), a multidisciplinary European network of scientists from 20 countries whose objective is to provide a better understanding of the hotly debated role of the Sun in climate change. For more information, and more movies, see

COST Science Night Highlights


COST Science Night – How S&T Networks Impact Tomorrow’s Europe was held on 4 December 2012.

This exclusive event showcased the impact of science and technology networks on Europe’s society.

At this unique science night researchers leading successful COST networks met research policy-makers and stakeholders for interactive discussions… and fun experiments!

Test Video

1985 | Action FA45854

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