Evaluation, selection and approval

Evaluation, selection and approval

COST publishes the official announcement of the Open Call on the website with the collection date, the complete schedule, the description of the procedure, and the evaluation criteria. The proposal evaluation and selection follows a three-step process:

Evaluation by independent external experts

Step 1

Revision and quality check of consensus reports by ad hoc review panels

Step 2

Establishment of a shortlist of selected proposals by the COST Scientific Committee (SC)

Step 3

The shortlist of proposals selected by the Scientific Committee is submitted to the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) for approval.

Proposals are evaluated and selected on a competitive basis, taking into account the available funds for the particular Open Call collection. COST reserves the right to involve observers to assess and provide feedback on the evaluation and selection process.

More details about the COST selection process can be found in the SESA guidelines in Documents and guidelines. For any questions related to the open call, please contact opencall@cost.eu

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