Five new COST Innovators Grants approved


On 5 July 2023, COST’s governing board, the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) approved funding for five new COST Innovators Grants (CIGs).

What is a COST Innovators Grant?

The COST Innovators Grant, as defined in the COST Strategic Plan, aims to enhance the pace and success of breakthrough innovations, build bridges between the scientific research performed in COST Actions and marketable applications and/or societal solutions, and explore innovation potential.

Launched in 2019 as a pilot scheme, CIGs are now a fully established feature for COST under Horizon Europe. Eligible COST Actions that are reaching the end of their initial 4-year funding period are invited to apply for CIG funding by the COST Association. CIGs have a duration of 12 months and grantees benefit from the same networking activities available to COST Actions.

Five new COST Innovators Grants:

Sustaining AGITHAR – building a Global Tsunami Model Association (IG18109)

Sharing Heritage and Archaeological Data Effectively (IG18128)

Technical, commercial and societal innovations on aerogels towards circular economy (IG18125)

AIR particulate reference material for elemental quantification and CALibration procedures (IG18130)

A quality assurance implementation protocol for family support services in Europe. An evidence-based and culturally informed model for professional practice (IG18123)

The success rate for applications in this call was 19%.

The new CIGs will be starting their activities from 01/11/2023. More information on the individual CIGs and their dedicated pages on the COST website will be coming soon.

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