Eligibility of participation of Swiss and UK researchers in COST


Under COST rules in Horizon Europe, researchers and innovators affiliated to institutions based in Switzerland or the United Kingdom are fully eligible to participate in COST Actions. This includes:

  • reimbursed participation in Action networking activities (meetings, conferences, Training Schools, Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs), and virtual mobility grants);
  • possibility to be a main or secondary proposer in the COST Open Call for new Actions;
  • eligibility to all leadership positions in ongoing Actions;
  • possibility to be the Grant Holder Institution for an Action;
  • reimbursed participation in activities organised by COST, such as COST Academy training’s.

Switzerland and the United Kingdom are COST Full Members and their eligibility is independent of affiliation to Horizon Europe.

Additional information

Click on the maps below to discover more about historic and current participation including Actions chaired and involving Swiss and UK researchers:

Line map of Switzerland
Line map of the United Kingdom