COST-NSF session on Data Sharing during the Science Summit at the 79th United Nations General Assembly

As part of the Science Summit at the 79th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA79), COST is co-organising a session with the U.S. National Science Foundation’s AccelNET Program in New York. Save the date of 23 September for this collaborative hybrid event on ‘Hurdles to International Science Cooperation: Data Sharing & Management’.

Context and background information

The modern practice of research generates massive amounts of raw data, metadata, and data products. Data management is a critical component of successful research networks, and by ensuring that data is properly collected, stored, and shared, researchers can conduct high-quality research that is transparent and reproducible. At international level, data management across collaborators is met with a fundamental barrier such as variation in data management regulations, practices, and infrastructure. These practices have significant implications for data protection and research security. International research networks can involve hundreds of researchers and innovators, and these networks have shown innovative ways to collect, manage, use, analyse, and visualize data. 

The event

The panel will bring together experts on team science working at the international scale funded through our two international networking programs (the U.S.’s NSF AccelNet and Europe’s COST Actions). COST will be represented by its research networks 3DForEcoTech, SEADDA, GRAPEDIA, and Goodbrother alongside various AccelNet networks. Panelists will share the barriers they face in data sharing/access/dissemination/storage/regulations, any solutions they have identified and/or implemented, and reflections on the need for data protection against the need for data sharing to advance science.

We aim to create synergies between all actors involved, to share best practices, to raise awareness about data sharing, and to exchange and promote the principles of data management amongst researchers and society at large. 


Join us in New York in person or online from anywhere in the world on 23 September from 8.30 to 13.00 (EDT New York time) or 14.30 to 19.00 (CEST Brussels time). Registration details to follow.


Physical location: The Cure building, 345 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010, USA