Action networking tools

Researchers joining COST Actions are able to benefit from a wide range of COST networking tools. More information about the tools and the benefits of taking part can be found below.

For full eligibility criteria please check the Vademecum, which is available at the side of the page for download.


Meetings, workshops and conferences

Meetings are organised by COST Action Management Committees (MC) in any COST Member State joining the network. They can be of different types, such as MC meetings, working group meetings, workshops and conferences. They may be open to the wider community and provide opportunities to enhance the COST Action’s visibility. COST will contribute to the travel and subsistence costs of the invited participants, and to the cost of organising the meeting.

COST Action Networking Tools

Short-term scientific missions

Short-term scientific missions (STSM) are exchange visits between researchers involved in a COST Action, allowing scientists to visit an institution or laboratory in another COST Member state. These scientific missions may last up to six months in another COST Member/Cooperating Member or Near-Neighbour Country joining the Action. Their aim is to foster collaboration in excellent research infrastructures and share new techniques that may not be available in a participant’s home institution or laboratory.

Training schools

COST Actions can share knowledge and support collaboration also through training schools. Training schools offer intensive training of up to 15 days on an Action topic, on the premises of one of the Action participants. Trainees are typically, but not exclusively, young researchers from across Europe. These schools may also cover relevant retraining as part of lifelong learning.

COST Action Networking Tools

Conference grants

Conference grants for young researchers from Inclusiveness Target Countries have recently been implemented. These grants help PhD students and early-career investigators from participating Inclusiveness Target Countries attend international science and technology related conferences that are not organised by a COST Action.

COST Action Networking Tools

Communication and dissemination activities

Sharing scientific results achieved by COST Actions is a core value of COST. The communication and dissemination of the project outcomes are essential in EU research funding. COST encourages and supports Actions to share the outcome of their research with their research community, and, if relevant, with other audiences such as policymakers, the private sector and civic society, e.g. NGOs.


COST Action Networking Tools