Annotated Rules FAQ

COST responds to the frequently asked question of its Annotated Rules to help Grant Holders managing a COST grant. If you have another question that is not covered by this FAQ please contact your Actions Administrative Officer.


Does an independent professional count as a 'Legal entity'?
Should people without a work contract join an NGO/Association that contributes to the Action?
Can a participant without an affiliation be eligible for reimbursement?
Are individuals from International Partner Countries (IPC) eligible for reimbursement for meetings and Training Schools?
Is a Master Student eligible for COST funding?

Meetings and Training Schools

What does the Daily Allowance cover?
How much is the Daily Allowance?
How is the Daily Allowance calculated?
What is the Daily Allowance rate for Near Neighbour Countries (NNC)?
Can participants who live within 100 km from the meeting venue claim for the Daily Allowance during the meeting days?
Does the participant have to upload supporting documents in e-COST?
My institution reimburses me for part of the expenses (e.g. accommodation). How can I avoid double-funding?
Can a participant travel several days before or after the event date and have the long-distance travel reimbursed? How is the Daily Allowance calculated in this case?
Does the Grant Holder Manager have to verify the travel dates and hours for each participant to see if the Daily Allowance calculation is correct?
An eligible participant shares the same accommodation with another eligible participant. How shall the reimbursement claims for the Daily Allowance be treated?
Is travel cancellation insurance eligible for reimbursement?
Does COST reimburse the travel cancellation insurance if it’s included in a pack together with other types of insurance?
Does COST have different reimbursement rules for participants?
Can the Grant Holder Manager set a maximum amount (e.g. up to 200 EUR) to reimburse long-distance travel expenses of the participants for meetings and Training Schools?
Are any of the following expenses eligible: parking, car rental, fuel costs or a taxi?
Is a PCR/antigen test eligible?
The participant has expenses which do not fall in any category. Can the participant claim these expenses?
Does the Daily Allowance apply to every participant, or some of the participants are reimbursed based on the invoice?
How to prove the attendance of participants in virtual or online events?
When do I need to encode virtual meetings in e-COST?

Local Organiser Support (LOS)

How is the LOS calculated?
Can the LOS grant be claimed for hybrid meetings? What are the eligible expenses?
Can the LOS grant cover lunches and dinners?
Can LOS cover consumables needed for a Training School?
What is the maximum LOS amount if the total number of participants is larger than 200?
Will the LOS be reduced if the total number of attendees did not reach the expected number?
Can an individual from an International Partner Country be the Local Organiser of an Action event?
Can a video produced by a trainer for a Training School be paid from a LOS grant?
Can the LOS be claimed up to its maximum even if the expenses did not reach the maximum?
What documents must the Grant Holder provide for LOS?
What documents must the Local Organiser provide for a LOS grant?
Are administrative support and secretarial expenses linked to hosting and organising events eligible? Is there a minimum required number of participants to claim them?

Mobility of researchers and innovators and presentations at conferences organised by 3rd parties

How many grants does COST offer?
Who makes decisions about the Grants?
How to submit a grant application?
Where to find the templates for submission of application and the report?
When is it possible to apply for a grant?
When can the Grant Awarding Coordinator access the applications in e-COST?
Is the role of Grant Awarding Coordinator mandatory?
Are employees of the Grant Holder institution eligible to receive grants?
Can the Grant Awarding Coordinator apply for a grant?
Does the grantee have to present any receipts or store them in the event of an audit?
What is the deadline for submission of grant reports?
Who can host a STSM?
Can a STSM be carried out in the same country of affiliation with the applicant?
What is the maximum grant amount for STSMs?
Is there a maximum amount for flight or maximum cost per day for a STSM?
Is it possible to limit the duration of the STSM by the Core Group decision?
What are Virtual Mobility (VM) grants?
How many Virtual Mobility (VM) grants are allowed?
Is there minimum or maximal length (number of days) for a Virtual Mobility (VM) grant or STSM?
Does the participant need to provide a receipt for the conference fees?
Can an applicant submit an ITC Conference grant application for the amount covering the conference fee of virtual conferences?
Who is eligible to apply for ITC Conference grants?
How to know if the participant applying for an ITC grant fits the definition of a Young Researcher?

Dissemination and communication products and other expenses incurred for the benefit of the Action

Dissemination and communication products

Scientific Publications in Open Access – are publication fees on a Hybrid Journal accepted?
Is a ‘working paper series’ eligible?
Are proofreading, editing, translation, and layout costs for scientific publications eligible?
Are printed books eligible for reimbursement?
What proof of delivery is acceptable if a publication is not published within the Grant Period?
What can be claimed under website?
What is the total amount that an Action can spend on its website?
Is there funding foreseen to keep the Action website running even after the last Grant Period of the Action?
Does an Action need to use the COST visual identity when we preparing its logo or designing the website colour palette?
If an Action did not include an amount for the Action logo creation during the first Grant Period, can this be covered from the second Grant Period?
Can information materials (e.g. pens, USB sticks) be claimed for Action events?
Can MOOC expenses in video/pdf format be covered under Dissemination Materials?
Is editing of videos recorded during training school and posting on YouTube channel eligible under Dissemination?
Is the development of training material by WG members eligible or is it only eligible if a service is provided by an external company?


How are the expenses under OERSA reimbursed?
Is a Dropbox license considered a shipping cost?
How can I claim for expenses running over different Grant Periods?
Are there budget limits in the OERSA category (e.g. for consumables during training schools, or short term software licenses).
Can the VNS grant be granted for several Grant Periods?