The breakthrough series: atomic layer depositions


Each month, COST highlights a COST Action which has had a significant scientific and societal breakthrough. 

In the summer of 2021, COST published its Final Impact Assessment for Horizon 2020, portraying the scientific and societal impact of COST. The report includes multiple examples of breakthroughs that contribute to the development of research in Europe and beyond. After an in-depth monitoring and analysis, four Actions were selected to showcase those advancements.

The last COST Action of the breakthrough series is ‘Hooking together European research in atomic layer deposition (HERALD)‘, MP1402. One of the most outstanding results of this network is the publication “Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Nitride from Bis(tert-butylamino)-silane and N2 Plasma”. The work has been cited by 96 patent families, making it the COST spin-off publication with more citations by patents. In total, 2583 patents cited the work of the Action in their scientific publications, which demonstrates a huge impact from the network’s research.

See the factsheet below for more details:

Factsheet entitled "Societal Breakthrough. HERALD - Hooking together European research in atomic layer deposition"

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