Action Chairs

Main proposers’ workshops are organised to familiarise the main proposers of newly approved COST Actions with the COST programme. They offer an overview on the practical coordination of an Action and the specific financial and administrative rules. COST invites the main proposers of all newly-approved Actions to participate in the main proposers’ workshops before the first Management Committee meeting.

COST Action Chairs’ forum brings COST Action Chairs together to learn from each other and to share their experiences and best practices, feedback and questions on managing the COST Action networks. The Action Chair forum is aimed to provide a mutual learning and sharing platform between the less and more experienced COST Action Chairs.

COST Action sustainability networking event highlights successful continuations of COST Actions, conducted in the context of COST Strategic Plan. The event focuses on Action continuation through different formats than the more common Action follow-ups (other COST Actions or  EU/ national common research projects).