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Open Call: Submit Your Proposal

COST invites researchers throughout Europe to submit proposals for research networks and use this unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and to embark on new European perspectives. A continuous Open Call for Proposals is used to attract the best proposals for new COST Actions.

Latest updates 

The new arrangements that the COST Association and the transition to Horizon 2020 will set in place will impact the Open Call organisation. 

The Open Call will continue organising its two yearly collection dates. However, the 2014-2 collection date will be combined with the 2015 ones. The dates are still to be defined.  

The Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) will also decide upon the revision of the evaluation and selection procedures between May and November 2014, ensuring transparent mechanisms and openness for all science and technology fields. 

In addition, the structure of the COST Scientific Committees is being scrutinized in order to best fit the needs of the European research communities. 

The Open Call Calendar will be updated as soon as the Horizon 2020 programme and the new evaluation and selection procedures have been adopted.



COST follows different evaluation procedures for Proposals submitted in one of the nine COST Domains or, when highly interdisciplinary and spanning several COST Domains, as Trans-Domain Proposals (TDP). 

Proposals submitted in one COST Domain

Proposals submitted in one of the nine COST Domains follow a two-stage process whereby proposers, after registering, submit a Preliminary Proposal by a set collection date. This Preliminary Proposal provides an overview of the proposed Action's goal and its foreseen impact. After evaluation, approximately 120 of the top-ranked Preliminary Proposals are invited to submit a Full Proposal

After assessment by external experts, the top-ranked Full Proposals are presented orally to the Domain Committee (DC Hearing). A final list is proposed for approval by the Committee of Senior Official (CSO).  

For more information and guidance on this process please see the Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval (COST Doc. 4113/13) and COST Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval (SESA) Guidelines documents available via the 'Key Documents' box in the right column of this page (please note these supersede COST Doc 4111/11).

Trans-Domain Proposals (TDP)

Broad, interdisciplinary proposals known as 'Trans-Domain Proposals' (TDP) follow a TDP Pilot Evaluation and Selection Procedure with a proposal registration via the proposer’s e-COST profile. The TDP Pilot requires one single proposal submission, with the proposal evaluated remotely in two steps preceding TDP Panel Hearings.

More information about the TDP Pilot can be found on

What does COST fund?

The support will cover the costs of networking activities such as meetings (e.g. travel, subsistence, local organiser support), conferences, workshops, short-term scientific exchanges, training schools, publications and dissemination activities. COST does not fund the research itself.

The FAQ section also answers Open Call specific questions.

Next collection date - see Latest updates (top page)

  • For submissions in one of the nine COST Domains: Friday 28 March 2014 at 17:00 Brussels time (GMT+1).
  • For TDP submissions: 7 March 2014 (Proposal Registration) and 11 April 2014 (Proposal Submission) at 17:00 Brussels time (GMT+1).


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