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2008 | Action Number: G9

Real Property Transactions - Procedures, Transaction Costs and Models

Transactions in land and other real property differ between countries throughout Europe. The transaction procedures reflect formal rules, but they are also normalized through conventions and professional codes of conduct. This complex of technical, legal and economic issues was investigated from the point of view of transaction economics through an ESF-COST supported Action G9 ‘Modelling Real Property Transactions’. The research was performed between 2001 and 2005 by researchers mainly from university departments related to land surveying, real estate management, geo-information sciences and knowledge engineering.

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2005 | Action Number: G9

COST Action G9 - Modelling Real Property Transactions: REPORT

  • Pages: 237
  • Author(s): E. Stubkjaer

Abstracts of COST Action G9 8th Workshop and 9th Final MC Meeting on "Modelling Real Property Transactions", which took place in Stockholm, Sweden on 13/15 October 2005.

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2005 | Action Number: G9

Standardization in the Cadastral Domain - Proceedings

  • Pages: 315
  • Author(s): P. Van Oosterom, C. Schlieder, J. Zevenberg, C. Hess, C. Lemmen, E.M. Fendel
  • Publisher(s): The International Federation of Surveyors
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-87-90907-36-5

Transactions in real property (rights in land buildings) are vital to a sound market economy. Securing those rights and the transactions therein is an important role of cadastral and land registration systems. Studying such systems in different (European) countries is getting more and more attention.

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2003 | Action Number: G9

The Ontology and Modelling of Real Estate Transaction

  • Pages: 170
  • Author(s): H. Stuckenschmidt
  • Publisher(s): Ashgate
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0-7546-3287-3

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