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2016 | Action Number: TU1104

Smart Energy Regions

  • Pages: 285
  • Author(s): Jones, P., lang, W., Patterson, J, Geyer, P. (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): The Welsh School of Architecture, University of Cardiff
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  • ISBN: 978-1-899895-14-4

This book presents work undertaken as part of the COST Action Smart Energy Regions (SMARTER). It illustrates how relevant policies are being implemented in 26 European countries participating in the Action and how these are helping to progress the low carbon agenda relevant at a regional scale, illustrating how industry and broader stakeholder groups can be involved in the process.

Specific case studies have been identified to illustrate projects and initiatives that are helping to progress the low carbon agenda at a regional scale to help to provide an understanding of how low carbon technologies are relevant and transferable within and between regions.

This work supports the broader aims and objectives of the Smart Energy Regions COST Action to investigate the drivers and barriers that may impact on the large scale implementation of low carbon technologies in the built environment essential to meet the targets for sustainable development set by the EU and national governments.

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