2015 | Action Number: TU1208

Recommendations for the Safety of People and Instruments in Ground-Penetrating Radar and Near-Surface Geophysical Prospecting

  • Pages: 68
  • Author(s): R. Persico (Italy), A. Provenzano (Italy), C. Trela (Germany), M. Sato (Japan), K. Takahashi (Japan), S. Arcone (USA), S. Koppenjan (USA), L. G. Stolarczyk (USA), E. C. Utsi (United Kingdom), S. Ebihara (Japan), K. Wada (Japan), E. Pettinelli (Italy) and L. Pajewski (Italy)
  • Publisher(s): EAGE Publications bv
  • ISBN: 978-94-62-82162-0

This book offers an in-depth overview on the risks associated to Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Near-Surface Geophysical Prospecting, providing the reader with practical recommendations for the safety of people and instruments.

The book stems out from the COST Action TU1208 "Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar" . It also benefited from the significant contribution of renowned experts not involved in the Action.

Among the main topics dealt with in the book, the reader will find:

  • general recommendations for a safe prospecting and minimal safety equipment to be brought in the field;
  • specific advice for experimental campaigns carried out in challenging environmental situations;
  • appropriate precautions related to specific kinds of GPR applications;
  • dangers associated to electromagnetic emissions and European regulations for GPR manufacturers and end-users.

The book includes a short medical first aid guide as well, which is specifically conceived for near-surface geophysical prospecting. Suggestions for correct use and safe transport of the equipment are also provided.

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