2013 | Action Number: TU1208

Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar: Proceedings of the First Action's General Meeting

  • Pages: 198
  • Author(s): L. Pajewski, A. Benedetto (Eds.)
  • ISBN: 978-88-548-6191-6

This publication offers an overview of the Action's first meeting, held on 22-24 July 2013 in Rome, Italy. The meeting mainly addressed the state of the art, advancements and ongoing studies and open problems, in the fields of GPR technologies and methodologies. Participants also discussed inspection strategies and practices, electromagnetic methods for the modelling of GPR scenarios, and numerical algorithms for the processing of GPR data. The meeting also emphasised the importance of the relations between the discussed scientific-technological issues and the social and economical concerns.  

Building on these proceedings, the Action also published a comprehensive assessment of the state of the art in the  field of the civil engineering applications of GPR  (April 2015).

TU1208 Proceedings from the First Action General Meeting (PDF, 8 MB)

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