2011 | Action Number: IC0601

The Sonification Handbook

  • Author(s): T. Hermann, A. Hunt & J. G. Neuhoff (Eds)
  • Publisher(s): Logos Verlag Berlin
  • Download (PDF)
  • ISBN: 978-3-8325-2819-5

This book is a comprehensive introductory presentation of the key research areas in the interdisciplinary fields of sonification and auditory display. Chapters are written by leading experts, providing a wide-range coverage of the central issues, and can be read from start to finish, or dipped into as required (like a smorgasbord menu).
Sonification conveys information by using non-speech sounds. To listen to data as sound and noise can be a surprising new experience with diverse applications ranging from novel interfaces for visually impaired people to data analysis problems in many scientific fields.
This book gives a solid introduction to the field of auditory display, the techniques for sonification, suitable technologies for developing sonification algorithms, and the most promising application areas. The book is accompanied by the online repository of sound examples.

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