2011 | Action Number: C25

Sustainability of Constructions: Towards a better built environment - Proceedings of the Final Conference of COST Action C25

  • Pages: 580
  • Author(s): L. Bragan├ža, H. Koukkari, R. Blok, H. Gerv├ísio, M. Veljkovic, R.P. Borg, R. Landolfo, V. Ungureanu, C. Schaur (Eds.)
  • Publisher(s): University of Malta
  • ISBN: 978-99957-816-0-6

The built environment has evolved to frame and facilitate nearly all human activities. Simultaneously, its constant expansion has become more and more harmful to the natural environment. In order to turn the global trends toward the optimistic transition scenario of the sustainable development, the built environment needs to be rethought. The construction and building sector play a key role in creating a better future. This publication is the Proceedings of the Final Conference of the COST Action C25. The Action C25 'Sustainability of Constructions - Integrated Approach to Life-time Structural Engineering' was established to promote science- and research-based approaches for life-cycle building technologies.

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