2011 | Action Number: E54

Fine Structure of Papermaking Fibres - The Final Report of COST Action E54

  • Author(s): P. Ander, W. Bauer, S. Heinemann, P. Kallio, R. Passas & A. Treimanis (Eds)
  • ISBN: 978-91-576-9007-4

The main objective of COST Action E54 was to generate new knowledge on the micro- and nanostructure of papermaking fibres and relevant properties required for the efficient and sustainable use of fibres in traditional, advanced and future products. Action E54 comprised three working groups:

  • WG1: Structure and chemical composition of papermaking fibres after different types of treatment. The objectives of this WG were to develop methods for the characterisation of pulp fibres, and to generate new data on the fine structure of fibres for papermaking, and other important purposes.
  • WG2: Treatment and characterisation of individual fibres by microsystem technologies. This WG focused on the development of new instruments, namely, microrobotic platforms, by which individual fibres can be treated and investigated. Using these platforms new possibilities for testing of single fibres have been created.
  • WG3: The impact of the fine structure of fibres on their papermaking properties and their chemical and enzymatic reactivity. The participants of the WG exchanged their experience with respect to the impact of the fine structure of fibres and their modification on the quality of paper and handsheets. The fibre and paper properties were assessed mainly by strength and optical indices as well as interfibre bonding.

Chapters in this Book are:

  • Advanced analyses of wood pulp fibres
  • New and emerging methods such as microrobotics and microscopic techniques
  • Results of standard pulp and paper tests on Common pulps I and II and other fibre material

The 23 articles in the book written by renown scientists are of interest for chemists, physicists,biologists and technologists working with papermaking fibres. It is also hoped that the book will be useful for undergraduate and graduate students.

Fine Structure of Papermaking Fibres - The Final Report of COST Action E54 (PDF, 40 MB)

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