2010 | Action Number: IE0601

Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Proceedings of the International Conference held by COST Action IE0601

The main objectives of the Workshop, which have been achieved at a quite satisfactory level, can be summarized as follows:

  • To present a “state of the art” about selected subjects dealt with by the Action (From the program: “Historic wood – structure and properties”, “Wood material – ageing and non-biological degradation”, “Assessment & Diagnosis”, “Diagnosing the surface of painted wood” “Diagnosing the efficiency of object treatments”, “Contributions from Wood Science to conservation issues”, “Expressing needs in the field of conservation, of objects and/or monuments, in matter of Wood Science”);
  • To improve mutual knowledge and acquaintance between MC Members, and WG members;
  • To present current ongoing research, and inform specialists of different fields, all working towards conservation of WCHOs (Wooden Objects belonging to the Cultural Heritage), about the work of their colleagues and the scientific work being carried out in different Institutions;
  • To provide an opportunity for discussing interdisciplinary subjects, which are very important for study and conservation of WCHOs;
  • To identify the main subjects to be discussed in forthcoming activities.

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