2009 | Action Number: 2101

Biometric ID Management and Multimodal Communication

This volume contains the research papers presented at the joint COST 2101 & 2102 International Conference on Biometric ID Management and Multimodal Communication. The aim of COST 2101 is to investigate novel technologeis for unsupervised multimodal biometric authentication systems using a new generation of biometrics-enabled identity documents and smart cards. COST 2102 is devoted to developing an advanced acoustical, perceptual and psychologial analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication signals originating in spontaneous face-to-face interaction, in order to identify algorithms and automatic procedures capable of recognizing human emotional states. The conference focused on both Action-specific and joint topics, including physiological biometric traits, transparent biometrics and smart remote sensing, biometric vulnerabilities and liveness detection, data encryption for identity documents and smart cards, quality and reliability measures in biometrics, multibiometric templates for next generation ID documents, operational scenarios and large-scale boimetric ID management, standarsd and privacy issues for biometrics, multibiometric databases, human factors and behavioural patterns, interactive and unsupervised multimodal systems…

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