2009 | Action Number: IC0602

Algorithmic Decision Theory

Algorithmic decision theory is a new interdisciplinary research area that aims to bring together researchers from different fields such as decision theory, discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, in order to improve decision support in the presence of massive databases, combinatorial structures, partial and/or uncertain information and distributed, possibly interoperating, decision makers. Such problems arise in several real-world decision-making scenarios such as humanitarian logistics, epidemiology, risk assessment and management, e-government, electronic commerce, and recommender systems. This volume contains the papers presented at ADT 2009, the first International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory. The conference was held in San Servolo on October 20-23, 2009. The program of the conference included oral presentations, posters, invited talks, and tutorials. The topic of the papers range from computational social choice to preference modeling, from uncertainty to preference learning, from multi-criteria decision making to game theory.

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