2009 | Action Number: E47

Forest Vegetation Management in Europe

  • Pages: 156
  • Author(s): I. Willoughby, P. Balandier, N. S. Bentsen, N. McCarthy and J. Claridge
  • Publisher(s): Colourgraphic Arts

Throughout Europe one of the greatest challenges to the growth and survival of young tree seedlings is competition from weed vegetation. COST Action E47 was formed to help forest managers in addressing this challenge. The main objective was to help managers reduce their dependence on the use of herbicides in Europe's forests by facilitating and co-ordinating the development of sustainable, environmentally sound, socially acceptable and economically viable alternatives.
By drawing together the scientific advances, expertise and experience from 19 European countries this book aims to:

  • provide a summary of the current 'state of the art' as it applies to forest vegetation management in Europe for scientists, practitioners and policymakers, affiliated to state, non-governmental or private commercial organisations;
  • document existing forest weed control practices across Europe, and provide a resource of alternative solutions for individual coutnries sharing similar conditions and challenges;
  • identify common information gaps and future research needs, and hence potential future areas of collaboration for forest vegetation management scientists across Europe, along with barriers that may need to be overcome to achieve that aim.

This book is valuable reading for practitioners, policymakers, students and all those interested in the future of forest management.

Forest vegetation management in Europe - current practice and future requirements ebook (PDF, 4 MB)

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