2008 | Action Number: 853

Agricultural Biomarkers for Array Technology

  • Pages: 104
  • Author(s): J.E. Frey and F. Pasquer
  • ISBN: 978-3-033-01770-2

The main objective of the COST Action 853 was to establish and support microarray technology as a new tool for breeding, diagnosis, and high throughput screening in the field of agriculture. A major motivation behind tackling the task was an unsatisfactory situation in diagnostics of agronomically relevant organisms. At the onset of this Action, many different gene fragments of diverse genes were used by differeny laboratories for taxon identification. Thus, each diagnostic laboratory had to master a broad range of different analytical details, making the task of molecular diagnostics cumbersome and laborious. Therefore, simple and economic methods were sought to allow robust identification at the required taxonomic level for a wide range of organisms.

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