2005 | Action Number: E25

A Research Strategy for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe (Technical Report 5)

  • Pages: 149 pages
  • Author(s): F. Andersson, P. Angelstam, K.H. Feger, H. Hasenhauer, N. Krauchi, A. Marell, G. Matteuci, U. Schneider, P. Tabbush
  • Publisher(s): Groupement d'Intérêt Public Ecosystème Forestiers
  • ISBN: 978-2-914770-08-8

The research strategy presented in this document is a result of an evolving process with contributions from scientists originally active in ENFORS Action and also additional scientists representing disciplines, which from the beginning were not sufficiently well represented in ENFORS Action. The original idea of ENFORS was to have a "minor" research programme linking the different field facilities together. This programme would then have had a focus on forest ecosystems and ecological processes related to stands and landscapes.

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