2005 | Action Number: E30

ACTA SILVATICA & LIGNARIA HUNGARICA - An International Journal in Forest, Wood and Environmental Sciences: COST E30 - Economic Integration of Urban Consumer's Demand and Rural Forestry Production (Vol.1)

  • Pages: 375 pages
  • Author(s): C. Matyas
  • Publisher(s): Lover-Print KFT
  • ISBN: 1786-691X

COST Action E30 is one of the largest COST Actions thus far under the domain on forests and forestry products. COST Action E30 has 21 participating countries. The main objective of COST Action E30 is to gain better understanding of the problems and possible solutions to forest-based entrepreneurship in small-scale forestry, wood processing, and non-wood forest products and services aiming at improved employment and income in rural areas.

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