2005 | Action Number: B15

Basic & Clinical: Pharmacology & Toxicology, Vol. 96, N°3

  • Pages: 271 pages
  • Author(s): K. Brosen
  • Publisher(s): Nordic Pharmacological Society
  • ISBN: 1742-7835

The main objective of the Action was to improve the predictive potential of scientific information gathered within the framework of development of new, efficacious and safe drugs, as well as sustainable industrial chemicals. Some form of modelling is performed during any of the "steps" of new drug development. By necessity, scientists active in any of these "steps" have some contact with others, active in "neighbour steps". However, as often demonstrated in practice, valuable information is not necessarily available for scientists active in "steps" that are further apart. For industrial chemicals, "empirically fixed safety factors" are presently used to scale up from animal data to humans. This approach is not scientifically well based and does not take into consideration all information which is available. In this context, Action COST B15 provided a powerful tool to improve communication between scientists from Academia, the Industry and Governmental Entities.

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