2005 | Action Number: 269

e-Citizens in the Arena of Social and Political Communication - User Aspects of ICTs - Work Group Reports n° 3 of 3

In this report of the COST 269 action we have collected seven articles representing some of the results reached by the working group that had dedicated itself throughout the whole project to an analysis of collective practices emerging around ICT use. These are articles that show two important aspects of the structure of the COST projects: on the one hand a strong intercultural orientation, and on the other the deliberate interdisciplinary nature of this workgroup (Haddon, Mante, 2003; Haddon et al., 2003). The intercultural nature of this group is evident from the contribution of scholars from various European countries, such as Belgium, France, Italy, Romania and Spain. These scholars have compared and related quite different traditions of scientific research and debate. For example, the presence of scholars from Romania made it possible to also include the contribution of an Eastern European country preparing to enter the European Union in the debate. As for the interdisciplinary side, various disciplines mingled in this workgroup, such as sociology, media studies, engineering and IT studies, and this is reflected in the text. The chapters collected here show, even if to different degrees, the direction of debates within this study group, in that what its members have in common is a desire to reflect on major issues such as e-democracy, e-communication and e-information from points of view, and the experience and knowledge, that have been accumulated in studies of ICT use.

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