2005 | Action Number: 269

INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH : Cross-cultural Differences and Culture Research - User Aspects of ICTs - Work Group Reports n° 1 of 3

COST Action 269 offered a unique opportunity for European scientists, without regard to any particular discipline, to participate in open research of user aspects of ICTs. Disciplines ranging from technology to sociology were represented. The results of COST 269 are published in three separate books of which this is book number three. The other two books are: International Collaborative Research: Cross-Cultural Differences and Cultures of Research and ICT Capabilities in Action: What People Do. One further output from the Action is the report of the Mobility Workgroup: (Haddon, L., de Gourney, C., Lohan, M., Östlund, B., Palombini, I., Sapio, B., Kilegran, M.) (2001) From Mobile to Mobility: The Consumption of ICTs and Mobility in Everyday Life. This has already been published in Haddon, L. (2004) Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life: A Concise Introduction and Research Guide, Berg, Oxford.

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