2005 | Action Number: E40

WOOD & NATURAL FIBRES (Issue 13/Special Edition) - Proceedings of the COST Action E40 Conference : LARGE DIAMETER TIMBER - PROBLEM OR CHANCE?

  • Pages: 98
  • Author(s): A. Teischinger
  • Publisher(s): University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna
  • ISBN: ISSN : 1681-2808

The current COST Action E40 "Innovative utilization and products of large diameter timber" deals with a very specific topic within the forestry-wood-chain. Once large diameter was a much appreciated raw material in order to produce various timber products. Huge changes in the sawmill and timber industries as well as new technologies of finger jointing, gluing etc. led to a shift in the round wood allocation from large diameter timber to small and medium diameters as the preferred raw material. The forestry could not follow these changes in the whole range due to the forest ownership situation, infrastructure and topography, traditions in silviculture, etc. Whereas small diameter timber already becomes a scarce raw material in some areas, the stock of large diameter timber is still increasing in many parts of Europe.

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