2005 | Action Number: E39

First European COST E39 Working Group 2 Workshop - Forest Products, Forest Environment and Human Health: Tradition, Reality, and Perspectives

  • Pages: 128
  • Author(s): Dr. C. Gallis
  • Publisher(s): University Studio Press
  • ISBN: 978-960-12-1424-5

As a part of the European COST Action E39 "Forest, Trees, and Human Health and Well Being", Working Group 2 "Forest Products, Forest Environment and Human Health" deals with the direct and in-direct effects and contribution of the forest derived pharmaceuticals, herbs, fruits, fungi, organic certified products, and other wood and non-wood forest products on human health and well-being, economical and social development, alternative medicine and industry. Their preventive, nutraceutical, therapeutic and healing values and benefits in relation to forest environment also will be addressed.

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